Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 Months

Nine Months ago today a man walked into my life. (Or rather I walked into his since he was the first one there. :-)

That first date was filled with all kinds of awkward moments I wouldn't change for anything. I was nervous and probably over shared WAY more than I should. He in turn was trying to overcompensate and ended up giving me the impression I was on a date with Chris Farley.

However, before I knew it, dinner was over and I found myself not sure if I wanted the night to end. So off to the lake we went. I called a friend on the way, explained to her my concerns with the fact that he didn't "look" exactly like anyone I had ever dated and that the obnoxious joke telling might drive me over the edge.

She encouraged me to stay, told me that he might be nervous, that I had been emailing and texting him for a month and I just needed to give it a little time. I will be forever grateful for that phone call and the fact that I continued to follow him to the lake.

We got out of the car and I was wearing new shoes. Chunky high heal sandals. Cute to look at, awful to walk in as evidenced by the fact that I almost fell within the first 10 steps of our walk. As I was stumbling, trying not to completely fall down I could do nothing else but laugh. We still talk about that moment. The moment that broke the ice. The rest of the walk (without my shoes) was wonderful. We laughed, we talked and by the time we made it all the way around the lake, I knew I was no where close to wanting the night to end.

Nine months later that obnoxious sense of humor is one of the many things I love about him. The fact that no matter what is happening in my life I know I can laugh with him. I know he will be there to hold me up if I fall (although I try to wear better shoes) and to bring me out of any "funk" or bad mood I might find myself in.

This week has been long, hard and stressful, yet at the end of each day I knew, if I needed him, he would be there to make me laugh or to listen to me cry.

Nine months ago, I felt all alone and today I know that I may never be alone again. Nine months ago, happiness was just something that existed in fairy tales and today I know that when I opened myself up to something new it was waiting there for me too.

Today, I am truly happy.

And it feels good.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Alive

Buried under a mountain of tax returns....

Send chocolate....

And Mt. Dew....