Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Confession

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Christmas song, "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" Only the Gayla Peevey version (Dr. Demento Presents: The greatest Christmas Novelty CD of all time) ... no other versions will do.

It just came on my iPod and even though I skip every other Christmas song, I listened to this one... and I will probably listen to it at least one more time before I move on.

Jim HATES this song, makes his skin crawl.

Zack, of course loves it.

I have it in my Christmas music mix on the iPod and when it comes on in the car I just look at Jim and say, but he loves it, we have to listen to it. :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Thank you to all of you who have checked up on me in the last month. I am, in fact, still alive. Although there were days where I felt like it was just barely. Sometime around my last appointment the sickness started to really hit me. The doctor prescribed me Z0.fr.an but all that really did was keep me from throwing up. I still felt awful about 80% of the time I was awake.

I was really, REALLY sick with Zack too, so it wasn't like I didn't expect it, I guess I was just hoping if I was medicated this time my sick would be a little less debilitating. However, no such luck. So, most of my last four weeks has been spent either fumbling my way through work or lying on my couch or in my bed. Bedtime since we last spoke has been anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30 if I was feeling really adventurous.

On Sunday I hit the 12 week mark and I am FINALLY starting to feel better. Yesterday I was able to make it until noon without taking my medication and I am hoping for the same today if not longer.

The medication also gives me some lovely side effects so on top of being yucky feeling I have also had to add a slew of other medication to counter act that medication. So... needless to say, I will be glad when I am done taking it and I can be done with all the fiber and Colace and milk of magnesia as well. (Good times)

As for the other goings on, we are kind of in a holding pattern right now. FoTB did not file anything with the court by his 20 day deadline of January 31st. However, he was re-arrested on the 24th for missing a court date on the 20th.

When that happened, somehow his mommy dearest (great grandma to Zack, horrible enabler to her son - she has not cut the umbilical cord yet) started looking through all of his paperwork and discovered the termination paperwork. When she read through it she realized it was the 30th and he was required to have a response submitted by the 31st.

So, she freaked out and called my lawyer and asked all kinds of questions and said he wanted a public defender. (Even though she hadn't talked to him) On either the 31st or the 1st she then went down to the court house and tried to apply for a public defender on his behalf. She was DENIED. So we filed a 10 day default notice basically saying he had 10 more days to respond or he was in default.

He did nothing. We that is not entirely true, his mom dragged him to the court house on February 7th, (day 7 of his extra 10 days) and he did apply for and receive a public defender but that public defender did nothing. So on Tuesday the 14th... Valentines present, we filed for a default judgment with the court.

Unfortunately, since he has a lawyer, if the lawyer files anything before our court date on the 15th they will not find him in default. But at least it now shows in our file that he did nothing. Way to be all worried about your son there.....

So, now we wait some more. Court is on the 15th and so we have to get exhibits together and witnesses subpoenaed, etc. After all of that, our fate, Zack's fate, the fate of or family going forward lies in a judges hands. If he rules against us, we go back for full custody. If he rules for us, it is finally over.

I'm absolutely TERRIFIED that he will not rule in our favor. That this almost year long nightmare will never be over... I hope those fears never come to be. I hope the judge sees through all of his thinly veiled attempts to what things really are.

Only time will tell....