Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Son: The Fish

Last night I took Zack to his first swimming lesson. Well, technically it was his second swimming lesson but I had a concert on Monday night and totally spaced off on arranging for someone to take him to his first swimming lesson so check that one in the box for bad mommy. :-)

Anyhow, when I called about swimming lessons a couple of months ago they told me he would probably be in Level 1, so imagine my disappointment when I went to sign him up last month and was told that he was not yet 3 and so therefore would have to be in the toddler class unless I got permission from the director.

Lacking the ambition to attempt to track down the director and get permission for my kid, who switches back and forth between jumping in without a care in the world and clinging to me as if his life is ending, I just decided to suck it up and leave him in the toddler class. The class which requires the parents to get into the water with their kids. (Insert LONG... painful sigh right here....)

So, yesterday we arrived at class and I waited until the last possible minute before changing the both of us and heading into the water with him. I could tell right away that his comfort in the water was well above the other little ones and that this was going to be a REALLY long 6 weeks if I had to stay in this class.

It was basically free swim, parents and kids with the teachers coming around once and awhile and suggesting things you should work on with the kid to get them comfortable in the water. Luckily, it was pretty apparent to one of the teachers that Zack was already comfortable in the water and so she asked me if I thought he would get in the water without me. Absolutely.

And so, that is the story of how my 2 1/2 year old graduated from the toddler class to level one with the 3 and 4 year olds on his very first day. The Level 1 class was from 6:30 - 7:00 so he actually had two lessons last night and spent a full hour in the pool. (He slept VERY well last night)

But... the best part of all.... I don't have to get into the water for his Level 1 class!! Can I get a resounding Woo Hoo!! :-)


kbreints said...

That is SO COOL! Sam would not go NEAR the pool without me I am sure.

I am REALLY needing to get them BOTH into lessons...

Good for you! (and Zack!)

stella said...

I am so glad to hear that he's more comfortable in the water than he was just a month or so ago. That was great fun for me!