Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maintaining the Status Quo

In case you were concerned that I had lost my edge according to FoTB this morning I am still a "F$%&ing stupid selfish F*&%."

Why yes.... that is a direct quote.

Isn't there a song for this? "I see your true colors shining through....."

What was my egregious act that earned me this distinction?

His visit with Zack begins at 5:00 pm on Friday and he wanted to pick Zack up at 9:00 on Friday morning so he could take him to the homecoming festivities in his girlfriends home town.

Zack has a field trip Friday morning that he is excited about and has been talking about for over a week. I told FoTB he was more than welcome to pick Zack up early but he needed to wait until noon after his field trip.

I know.... how dare I offer him 5 extra hours instead of 8???

Just when I think perhaps he might be making positive strides in his life he reminds me that deep down, he is still the same person.


Jessica said...

Why in the world would you speak to the mother of your child that way?

I realize your history; I know every ounce of ground you both stand on is edgy but I have never in all my time heard or seen you speak to him like that.

It's sad really...that even after everything you two have been through that he can not find common ground in the eyes of his son and if for NOTHING else respect you for being a hell of a mother and at the very least a woman.

The good news is...now you don't have to listen to it. :)

kbreints said...

REAL nice. Not surprising in the least....but still shocking that he chooses to talk to you like that.

Wolvers said...

Lovely, although it sounds familiar to what I used to be told by my ex. Glad you've found better in your life. He should be lucky you let him have his son at all acting like that.

Jennifer B. said...

It sounds like we are in the same boat. Trust me - everything will ALWAYS be your fault in the mind of an addict! The reason they had problems in the first place is because they don't know how to accept anything other than what they want, when they want it - they never practiced delayed gratification. This is why with my kids I purposely make them delay gratification (simple things like making them wait to open a new toy until we get home vs in the car). Sorry you have to deal with this. Eventually it will get easier because you will come to expect that they will be nice when they think it will get them what they want and jerks when they think that is what will work and the surprise factor is gone which takes away some of the sting. From the adult standpoint it would be nice to say, "You're right, I am a *&^#$%. That is why I've changed my mind and you will be allowed to pick him up at the time dictated in the Court documents". Of course, then Z. would miss out on the homecoming festivities which he will probably enjoy and that isn't fair to him either.