Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mind like a steel trap

Sometime in March or April we took Zack to the playground at the mall. It is a mall that is about 30 minutes from our home so we have not been back there since.

Yesterday I went back to get my watch fixed. As soon as we walked in the door he started looking around....

"I've been here before."

"You have?"

"Yeah, I came here with you and my daddy Jim. I had ice cream with sprinkles. I didn't like it."

How does he remember this stuff??


kbreints said...

Holy Shit. Two posts in two days?? What has the world come to?

Jessica said...

I know that is what I was thinking Katie... TWO posts in TWO days.


More than I can say for me lately BUT...I do have music now! :)

Kelly said...

Mea does this to me all the time. We will drive past the restaurant that we had brunch at for Mother's Day, and she'll say, "That's where you had your presents and breakfast for Mudder's Day! And Daddy for Fadder's Day!"

She remembered something else crazy that she never should have remembered the other day, but I've already forgotten what it is...:)

How do they remember this stuff?