Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some People Never Learn

FoTB is in jail again.  Gee, that didn't take long did it?  He is now charged with felony theft and two counts of probation violation.  From what I understand there may be more theft charges coming.

We are ready for all of this to be over.  We knew he would screw up again when we signed the post-adoption agreement.  We knew he would never get to visit Zack or come to his activities.  That is why we signed.  I just don't think either of us thought it would be this soon.

After 30 days in jail he will have a probation revocation hearing.  If they revoke his probation, the agreement is null and void.  If they do not revoke his probation then we wait for him to be convicted of a crime.  Any crime will do.  Even if they plead the felony theft down to a misdemeanor as soon as the plea is accepted the agreement is null and void.

We have decided to change Zack's name as soon as that happens.  If there was anyone left in Zack's life with that last name we might consider waiting and letting him chose but there is not.  No one he knows, no one he visits has that last name.  We feel like he should have the opportunity to be part of our family, to fully feel included.  If he turns 16 and decides he hates it and wants to change it back, he can.  Although, I doubt at that point he will.

For us, this part is more for us just watching an enjoying not being stressed by it.  The termination is over.  The adoption is over.  All that is really left is if we change his name or not and that is the least stressful part of the whole thing.  Which is wonderful.  After all of the ups and downs of the last year it is so nice to pull up the inmates website and know that no matter what happens, it no longer affects us negatively.

I am SOOO glad we filed and went to court when we did.  I am SOOO glad to have the majority of this behind us.

Now we can focus on t-ball and decorating baby rooms and getting ready for kindergarten.  (**sniff, sniff** how is my baby going to kindergarten in 10 weeks??)

Wait, stop... back that up.  10 weeks.  Ten...  wow, how has time flown.  I'm not ready, someone hold me....  :-)


kbreints said...

This is really good timing. This way he can start school (pretty much) with the same name he will keep.

Kelly said...

I was thinking the same thing as kbreints!

Mack took my husband's last name after we had been married about a year. It was changed right between fifth and sixth grades, so it was done prior to her starting a new school.

Ever so thankful for you that everything was in place right before this happened.

Good news!

OHN said...

Perfect. Zack will always know that this was a very wanted decision by all of you and that nagging question won't be hovering around in his sweet little head.

I will warn you that someday when Z is older fotb will likely want to contact him. You and his dad will have loved him so well that fotb will be a blip on Z's radar. He will be centered and confident and will realize once again that you guys loved him enough to make his life safe and without the drama that fotb would certainly have brought.
(I know this because I was Z--a female version but story just the same).