Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So apparently someone, who was not me, deemed my child old enough to start Kindergarten last week.  Whomever this person is, we need to have a chat because there is no way that my little boy, my baby who was just learning to walk yesterday, I swear, is old enough for school.  How did that happen?

Of course for him, the adjustment period has been quick and painless.  He LOVES it.  He is in a before and after school program that he couldn't be happier with if he tried.  We knew he had outgrown his daycare.  We knew he was ready for something different.  I'm not sure we knew quite HOW ready until he started school.

However, for me, the adjustment period has been a little harder.  Every day when I went to daycare I got an update from his teachers.  I knew what kind of day he had, what he did well, what he was struggling with, etc.  In Kindergarten, I get NOTHING.  And of course I could be "that parent" but I want so much not to be "that parent" so I haven't emailed his teacher.  I guess I am operating under the assumption that if there was a problem she would let me know and since I haven't heard from her he must be doing just fine. 

My other adjustment with school has been that he has to be there.  With daycare if I got up and felt like going in late to work, I just went in late and took him in late.  If I wanted to leave early and take him to the park or come home and watch a movie or do something else, that is what I did.  Now I can't just walk into his Kindergarten room early and pick him up.  I have to wait.

Of course, if the little miss would hurry up and make her appearance I would probably be too busy to worry about any of this.  But as it is... she is being stubborn.  Hold up inside her happy warm home bouncing away with no desire to join the rest of us on the outside.

Last week I was one cm dilated.  On measly little cm.  I almost cried.  (Especially since I was in labor and delivery at 4:00 am having contractions every three minutes when they told me.)  Needless to say, I was sent home to wait.  They stopped a few hours later and I have been waiting ever since.

I have been having a lot of back pain with her, which I never had with Zack, and that, combined with the lack of dilation despite contractions (LOTS of contractions) leads me to believe that on top of being stubborn she is also most likely sunny side up.  Lucky me huh?

On top of all of this I also discovered, just today, that Jim's new insurance will not cover Zack's pediatric clinic, the same one we have used for five years and planned to keep using.  So I am also in the process of adjusting to the idea of having to go somewhere else.  I have asked for, and gotten, a couple of good recommendations on Facebook but I still hate the idea of having to go somewhere else.

Guess I better get over it quickly as I need to pick someone post haste in case she decides to get over stubborn any time soon.


kbreints said...

I know-- it was weird to me too when Henry started and he HAD to be at school -- Sammy is loving it too --

Cannot wait to meet little miss... hope she comes SOON!

Kelly said...

I had a really hard time with not being able to just "skip" a day thing last year as well, after being able to just do what you wanted to do it's kind of hard to get used to.

Get used to again, for me anyway. :)

If you don't hear anything that is usually all good. Do they do a color system for behavior at school? Green for good? Orange for a warning? Red for a bad day? Zack would be able to tell you what color he was, and you can judge from there.

Hoping for a speedy delivery of your little miss. I can't wait to see her. :)