Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Confessionals

(On early Saturday morning....)

I have never sat through a symphony or choir performance, in person or on TV, without getting goose bumps.

I saw the soloist tonight (another post... but left me feeling blah.....) and I realized how much I LOVE music and how much I miss it. Somehow I let that part of my life go and I would very much like to get it back.

Unfortunately, some of those venues tend to be rather pricey but I will have to see what I can do about that. I'm hoping in the next few years I can add several symphony concerts, musicals and choir performances to the list of things I have done.


Lynanne said...

do you have any college-based or private schools of music near you? The student concerts are usually pretty good (and much cheaper) and sometimes feature preformances by faculty members and visiting musicians.

Another option is the free and less-expensive community concerts aimed at children. You and Zack can both enjoy the experience. We never thought our very active toddler would make it more than 10 mins (at most), but he was fascinated and lasted longer than we ever imagined.

Good for you on rediscovering life and finding yourself again!

kbreints said...

You and I share this love! I totally enjoy all of those things... Dan on the other hand does not.

I think it was you that went with me to see Les Miserable in DSM.... Maybe we need to add another one to the list!