Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Friday it is....

On Monday I had my appointment with the specialist in Iowa City. I saw the orthopedic doctor on November 2nd to go over the CT results and he had confirmed that he still thought it was an osteochondroma and he still wanted to refer me to Iowa City.

Since it had taken a month and a half to see him the first time and 10 days to get back to see him the second time I was fairly surprised when they called me first thing Wednesday morning and told me that I had an appointment at 8:45 on Monday.

So... bright and early Monday morning my mom, Zack and I all loaded into the car and made the drive to Iowa City. While my appointment was at 8:45 it was close to 9:00 before I finished with the survey they make you fill out and after 10:00 before the doctor came in to see me.

He looked at the X-ray and the CT and told me that he concurred that it was an osteochondroma and that the only way to help with my pain would be for me to have surgery and remove the tumor. Because of where it is and what it is arthroscopic surgery was not an option so they will use my existing scar and then lengthen it a bit.

They will have to cut a few of the tendons that hold the muscles in place so they can lift up my shoulder blade and get the full tumor out. This should insure that it will not grow back again.

Any questions?

Nope... pretty much what I expected.

So... how does Friday work for you?

Like THIS Friday? As in 4 days from now??

So... Friday it is......


kbreints said...

Jess and I will be there with bells on... you travel with your 'peeps' you know! ...and I will forget my camera at home... JUST FOR YOU :)

korin said...

wow! you'll be in my thoughts on friday. xo xo

Krista said...

Good luck tomorrow.

Jessica said...

OH HELL NO....I am not nearly as nice as Katie. Katie, my camera and I should be there around noon.

Did you tell Katie the "I wake up screaming" story? If you had I think she would want her camera too! :) LOL

We will see you on the other side!

Aunt Becky said...

Good luck! Get the good drugs and be sure to grab some ass.

Laura said...

Wow, good luck. Good thing you're finally getting this taken care of. Hope you will recover quickly and comfortably.

Jen said...

Ae, good lick - smell you later, Fred!