Friday, April 22, 2011

Group Invite

We sent out our wedding inviations a few weeks ago. All of our RSVP's are online except for about 10. The people we knew were not tech savy or the older generation all received paper RSVP postcards.

Yesterday we received one back from one of Jim's relatives. We invited a husband and wife. They RSVP'd for six people....

No, you did not read that incorrectly... SIX...

They wrote in "6 six" so we would be sure to understand. There was no mistake.

WTH?? I'm so confused. Did they invite friends? Are they bringing their neighbors??

We asked his mom and her answer was she didn't know. We didn't invite their daughter or any of her three kids so they shouldn't be RSVPing for anyone besides themselves??

Should we call them and inquire? Would it be rude to send a follow up RSVP card with a little note saying perhaps you didn't understand the first one.... we invited two people... not six could you try this again?


Kelly said...

People are crazy. Flat out. Good grief.

Laura said...

This is actually fairly common to happen for wedding invites when they go out to people who don't understand wedding etiquette. The best way to handle this is to have Jim call them (it's his side of the family, yes?) and explain that although you would love to have all six of them there to celebrate with you, unfortunately space and budget won't allow for that so the invitation is actually only for the two who were named on the invitation. Say you're so very sorry (even though they should be!) for the confusion and hope it hasn't hurt any feelings but are looking forward to seeing them on the big day. Hopefully they'll fall all over themselves apologizing for the misunderstanding and that will be the end of it. Hopefully they WON'T get indignant about why the other people aren't invited, but you might want to be prepared for that possibility.

Wanderlust said...

Wow. I'm hiring Laura as my personal PR guru. Great answer!

Weddings. Something so beautiful can end up being so stressful. If I ever get married again, and I hope I do, I'm going to throw a big BBQ on the beach. Anyone who acts up will be thrown to the sharks. Guest problems sorted.