Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Months

Two months until I marry the most amazing man I've ever met.

Two months until I get to be his wife.

Every time I think about it, every time I talk about it I get all giddy with excitement. Just ask any of the ladies I was hanging out with this weekend. I may need to be highly medicated in the next two weeks.

My confession for the day is that I did not have a clue this would happen. No really. I have been married once before. I just figured planning a wedding is planning a wedding. Nothing new, I wasn't this over the top excited the first time. I was sort of hum ho. It was all about the wedding, the perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect reception all of the details. I spent so much time and energy and money (thank you mom & dad... LOTS of money) on the first one and when it was over.... I was still ho hum.

In fact, our first big abusive fight happened on our honeymoon and it was all sort of down hill from there. Welcome to being my wife, here let me shove you down a hill into a parking garage.....

This time... this time it is SOOO different. The planning has been so easy and so laid back. (Except for the dresses... but that is over and they are bought... yippie!!)

Everything has also been much cheaper than we originally planned. We set out what we wanted, for people to come and have fun and celebrate us and our love, and we went from there. Does it matter if they come in jeans or slacks? Nope. Does it matter if they eat a $15 per plate catered meal or a hamburger? Yes... no one likes the $15 per meal options anyway... :-)

On Friday our invitations came in and then on Sunday we went and picked up Jim's ring. It is all sort of coming together nicely and I am over the moon ecstatic. In fact Jim has told me on more than one occasion it is a good thing he is so mellow because we couldn't handle that much enthusiasm under one roof.


kbreints said...

:) Hooray! It will be a beautiful day and an amazing union. So happy for you two.

Kelly said...

So excited for you guys. It will be wonderful!

Wanderlust said...

You give me hope. :)

I wish you the absolute best wedding ever. To be followed by the most wonderful, loving, peaceful life together.