Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday Talks

(Zack singing in the back seat) Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul....

(Insert the rest of the lyrics to this song that I don't really want to type out, sung mostly correctly and mostly in order....)

[...] I'll be back again some day!!

Wow buddy. That was a good job!! You remembered all of the words.

Yeah, that's cuz I have a rememberer in my brain and it helps me remember that stuff. But sometimes it remembers stuff I don't want it to and then they get stuck in my head. Like Who Let the Dogs Out. C was dancing to that yesterday at D's party and it got stuck in my head.

Later that night I make the mistake of telling Jim this story. I couldn't help it. A rememberer? (yes, there is an extra er....) it was too cute not to share.

Jim: Hey Zack... Who let the dogs out?

Uggg!! DAD!!! Now that is going to be stuck in my head!!


Connie said...

Remembering......quick....cute. They all kind of run together, right? Keeps you all on your toes, for sure!

makingmonkeysoup.com said...

So cute!

kbreints said...

Love it.

OHN said...

Make sure you write these things down. As you get older your rememberer doesn't work as well ;-)

(my boys are 23, 21, and 17 and we still use words/phrases that have been in the family since they were said by them years ago)