Friday, May 11, 2012

How long do you follow?

I read 99% of my blogs through a feed.  I used to use bloglines before it got defunct and they shut it down.  Then I moved everything over to Google Reader.  Google is taking over everything apparently so I might as well just join the crowd.

Anyhow, in my Google Reader I have about 150 - 200 feeds.  (It doesn't give me a count and I am FAR too lazy today to count them myself)  Some of those feeds are updated daily, some of them haven't been updated for months, some for a year, some for two years.

So, on this fine Friday I will pose this question to those of you still hanging around:

How long do you hold out hope?  How long do you leave a blog in your reader or keep checking a blog for updates before you consider it officially gone by the wayside and remove it.  Does it depend on how close you were to the author?  If it was a friend or someone you commented back an forth with regularly will you hang on longer?

Just curious.  I'm thinking I should probably clean up my reader, although with all the blogs in a reader it makes it easier to be lazy because they just hang out there I am not going to each website to check so I figure what is the harm in leaving them there.... JUST.... in case....


Anonymous said...

I leave all mine because every once in a while someone will crawl out of hiding!

A Little Coffee said...

It's not so much how long I'm willing to leave an un-updated blog in my reader in case they'll post. It's more about how long I'll go between reader de-cluttering sessions! I don't particularly have a schedule for it, but every once in awhile (usually when I'm feeling overwhelmed by keeping up with too much information), I'll be seized by the urge to purge. And I'll go through every single feed in my reader and consider whether to keep them or unsubscribe.

If I find one that I know hasn't updated in a really long time when that happens, I don't even spend a second thinking about it. I unsubscribe immediately. I also unsubscribe from any feeds that I often find myself ignoring or procrastinating on reading. If it's become a chore to read, then I don't need to subscribe to it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's not about how long necessarily as much as it is about how badly you would want to read what they might post some day. If you don't think you will miss it than delete. If you think you might than safe.

Yo-yo Mama said...

I just recently saw someone update their blog they hadn't posted in for almost 3 years. I keep them because what harm is there to do so?

I also sort my reads by labels like IF or adoption or just plain ole' parenting or crafts or whatever.

Actually, I only decide to delete something if the updates they DO have no longer interest me.

Kelly said...

I used a reader for a while, but I just don't care for it.

I have a long list of favorites, that I just go through daily.

When someone disappears that I really like, I have held on to them just in case, but sometimes they are just done.

OHN said...

I checked my blogger list not too long ago and about 90% of the ones I used to read are no longer blogging. In a weird way I miss some of them because in another weird way I felt oddly connected to their lives and would love to know whats been happening with them.