Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slap on the Wrist

A week ago FoTB had court.  He plead guilty to two class D felonies and last Tuesday was his sentencing.

Before he was sentenced, the state of Iowa did an investigation.  The Pre-sentencing investigator basically looks at the person's history, previous crimes, etc and recommends what their sentence should be.  The pre-sentencing investigator said that he has a high instance of recidivism and that he should be sentenced to prison.

My parents and I went to the hearing.  Because he stole from them, they were both allowed to give a statement.  They both said he should go to prison.

The county attorney came up to us before the sentencing and he told us he ALSO thought that FoTB should be given prison time.

The judge gave him two years of probation and another year long stint in his 10th, or 11th or hell, I can't remember how many treatment centers.  Seriously?

In our state right now there is a high profile case of a former police officer who was just arrested again for cutting off his ankle bracelet.  The first time he was sentenced the judge gave him a 16 1/2 year sentence and they suspended it and gave him 3 years of probation.  From what I understand he is now going to have to do his 16 1/2 year sentence.

FoTB needs to go to prison.  If he fails probation he is supposed to go for 10 years.  I think he will end up there for 10 years.  He has never been sober for 2 years and he has never successfully completed an intensive treatment program.  He was kicked out of his 6 month one for failing to write his life story and he has to do that in the first two weeks in this new one.

I think it is a joke and I think the reason we have all of these people in and out of the court system is because they know it is a joke.  Why should they change when they know they will just get probation and another slap on the wrist?

HOWEVER, in happier news, Zack's last name was officially changed on the 8th so no matter what happens with FoTB, it no longer affects us.  He has no say in Zack's life any more and now he doesn't even share a last name with him.

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Kelly said...

It is unbelievable how the court system works sometimes. I will never understand it.

The stories I could tell you.

I am thrilled that that ex-police officer is going to finally go to prison. I can't believe all of the chances he had.

Hooray for Zack's name change!