Friday, January 4, 2013

Mornings at Our House

Mornings are awful.  No matter what I do I can't seem to make it out the door on time.  Yesterday it was almost 9:00 when I got to work.

It all starts out so innocently.  Ava slept like crap so when the alarm went off at 6:00 I was not exactly bounding out of bed and down the stairs.  Then of course I have to pump.  She can't latch after 10 hours nor can she eat the 11 - 13 oz I produce.

So I pump and then I have to give her a bottle.  By this point it is 6:40.  Jim is out of the shower but Zack is still no where to be seen.  I go to put the milk in the fridge, realize that I have a bit too much so I need to freeze some so it doesn't go bad. 

Could it wait until tonight?  Of course.  Will I wait?  Of course not... why not add one more thing to my morning.  Measure, label, pour... 6:50.

Jim is leaving for work, still no Zack. 

Shower time, get out, baby is fussing, still no Zack.

Take Ava upstairs, coat her in lotion and get her dressed. Yell at Zack to get out of bed and get dressed, head down stairs.  7:20.

Give him a couple of pop-tarts, get some cereal ready for Ava for daycare tell him to hurry up and eat, keep hurrying we are going to be late. 7:35.

Crap, he needs a lunch for camp.  Pack his lunch.

Pack up the pump parts and the milk bottles and get coats on and the kid in the car seat.  7:50.

Drive right past his school, turn around.  Pull in, get out of the car, walk half way to building and realize that I forgot to give him his medicine.  Put kids back in the car and go back home.  8:15.

Give him his medicine, get him back to school, drop him off, get him signed in and coat and lunch put in appropriate place, get back in car to take Ava to school, 8:30.

Drop Ava off, talk to teacher about new diet of cereal, when to give it, how thick I make it, how much I give her, etc.  Realize I totally forgot her diapers on the chair in the kitchen.  Check her bin, realize she has four and there are three in the diaper bag.  Opt out of going BACK home and just pray she doesn't go through more than 7 diapers today. 8:45

Arrive at work, cussing as I sprint to my office.  Tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow I will be faster.  Tomorrow I will wake up Zack and make Jim take him in.  :-)


Kelly said...

Tomorrow is Saturday. You can stay home. :)

Jenna said...

Oh man. Mornings. Sigh. You are not alone.

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