Monday, August 23, 2010


I have been a horrible blogger lately. I have so much to tell you I hardly know where to begin so I just don't.

Things here have been nuts. Jim has finally moved about 95% of his stuff in. Six weeks of moving little by little. I think it's worse than if he just did it all at once. Just when I think I've finally found room for it all and have gotten back some semblance of order to our house he brings in more stuff.

Last night it was a huge TV for the bedroom. Purchased in 1998 this 36" TV weighs as much as me and guess who got to help him carry it upstairs last night? My God if ever there was a time I considered this move a bad idea.... that was it.

On top of the moving, I've been working out of the office on some book keeping disasters for a client and I've got a 9/15 tax deadline looming on the horizon. Add to that the great office server move of 2010 that had me working a 17 hour day on Friday and you're starting to understand where I've been.

In fact, right now it is 10:15. I'm lying in bed, typing this on my phone.. fairly certain I may pass out from exhaustion mid sentence. I just got on to tell you one little story but apparently my brain had other ideas.

So anyway here it is.....

Tonight I went to Target to buy my son new shoes. Size 12 shoes. I have a 3 year old with the feet of a 6 year old and all the shoes he wants are too small and half the shoes he fits into he can't have because he can't tie his shoes yet.

Is three too little to tie his shoes because by mid March we may be out of other options?


Jessica said...

NO! He's never too little to start trying.
I have all the faith that he can learn to tie his own shoes.

kbreints said...

He is just like a Puppy! You are going to haev a hard time keeping him in clothing too!

Heather said...

I read a magazine article about these: http://www.locklaces.com/ They are highly recommended for young children, children with disabilites, and athletes. No personal expeience with them myself, but the concept makes sense.