Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Frustrations...

Someone hacked into my email account for the old blog and spammed everyone in my address book. If you were one of them... I apologize profusely. I am usually REALLY, REALLY careful about what I open so I have no idea what happened. I went to my sent items folder and it didn't show anything sent from my email account. I changed my password but if it happens again I'm going to have to probably close that email account.


The county guy and the plumber were supposed to come to look at our plumbing today and FINALLY begin work on the new septic system. Or at least get the workings started for permits, etc. It was raining this morning..... AGAIN.... for the 300th day this year.... Really? Can I just get a break so we can get the dang thing replaced??


We are going rounds with FOtB's employer on child support. For some reason she has decided she loves him. He can do no wrong. She is a friend of a friend but apparently she thinks he must be the son she never had or something. First I found out that she purposely made his wages lower last year so his child support would be lower. Then once they had all of that decided she gave him a raise, then another one and then a third within the first six months he was there.

Now, she is withholding the child support from his checks but is not mailing it in. As of April 30th she was up to date and then she didn't send anything in for two weeks. Then she started sending in weekly again but never made up the two weeks she missed. Then in the middle of June she stopped sending anything in at all. She was withholding it from his check but wasn't remitting it.

She finally sent in the amount for four weeks but then told the Child Support person who called her she would check on the other two weeks and if she owed those she would remit them. (She does... she didn't.) That was on June 15th. Would you like to guess if she has sent in a payment since them?

If you guessed no, you would be correct. He has gotten two more checks since her last payment, one on the 23rd and one on the 30th. The amounts for those plus the other two weeks she is behind, a grand total of four weeks of child support for those of you keeping count, are now MIA in her outbox, in her bank account... who knows.

So today, I had to speak with the lovely man from Child Support again. He is going to contact FToB and see if he can get his last paycheck stub to ascertain exactly how far behind she actually is. He will call FToB and FToB will immediately run to his employer or call me. Wanna take bets? At this point, I don't care. It is illegal for her to withhold and not submit. It's not like I really NEED the money but it's the principal of the fact.


Speaking of money with FOtB, he still owes me money, a lot, for Zack's surgery back in November. He was originally supposed to pay me the money but his previous girlfriend got it in his head that he should not do that because I might steal the money and not pay the bills. They are in my name... they will ruin my credit... yes, that is exactly what I'm going to do.

So he decided he would pay them himself. He made two payments and now has conveniently "forgotten" for two months. Finally I talked to him last week and told him to just give me $25 per week until they were paid off.

He asked me if I would give him a receipt.

He showed up to drop off Zack on Sunday and conveniently forgot his first $25 installment.


Speaking of dropping off Zack. DHS is now officially out of our lives. This weekend was FOtB's first visit after the case closed. He has been told on multiple occasions to make the visits about him and Zack. To leave any girlfriends out of it until he has known them at least 6 months and is sure they will be sticking around awhile.

He picked up Zack from daycare on Friday and headed straight for the new girlfriend's house (he's had this one four months) and proceeded to camp out there all weekend with Zack. To make matters worse he didn't tell me. I had to find out from my three year old son.

And... there is NOTHING I can do. In the eyes of the court, he has been clean 16 months and this new girlfriend has no criminal record so they are leaving it up to him to decide if it is an appropriate environment for Zack. His girlfriend is a single mom to a seven year old. Zack doesn't act like he hates it there and he is not acting out when he returns. SHE is not the problem. The situation is the problem. His lack of consideration for what might be best for his son and only consideration of what might be best for himself frustrates the hell out of me.

The courts inability to do anything about this frustrates me even more.


I leave for Vegas to see Garth on Friday. This does not frustrate me. In fact it excites me quite a bit. I NEED a vacation. I NEED some relaxation. I'm ready... is it Friday yet.....

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Jessica said...

He has never been accussed of making the best decisions.

Its unfortunate that Spike pays the largest price.