Friday, July 30, 2010

Happiness is.....

(I'm sorry for the somewhat questionable quality of the videos. They came off of my phone but they are cute, none the less.)

I love about 14 seconds into this video when you hear Jim say oh boy... about got out of that one fast... and then I cackle.... Notice where Zack has his feet... :-)

This whole video makes me giggle. (Or laugh loudly in the background...) I love where he tells him he's doing to do the taco. Or where Zack continues to say to him over and over, choke hold get out of me, (as opposed to choke hold, got to get out of it....) or about second 40 where Jim says choke hold and Zack matter of factly states, that's not a choke hold!!

But my absolute favorite part is the ending. Where Jim says to him figure four, how ya gonna get out of a figure four and Zack promptly kicks him in the face and if you listen really closely you can hear Jim say, well I guess that's how as he holds the side of his face and lets Zack go!!

This was my night last night!! This little piece of normalcy is what I have always hoped for. I laughed and smiled and enjoyed every minute of it!!

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kbreints said...

I am smiling FOR you and Zack and Jim. You all deserve these moments... and so many more!