Friday, July 9, 2010

It's official...

I showed up from work last night and his xBox was in our living room. It's official, he is now living with me.

Zack's reaction when I told him this morning:

Did he give you your ring back yet?


Then he can't live with us.....

Cute kid... cute.....

The other thing he brought yesterday was his movie collection. An entire laundry basket full of movies which I must now take upstairs and attempt to integrate with my movies. Because in my world, movies go in alphabetical order. It makes me happy. :-)

Jim was actually giving me a hard time about it this morning, I also organize Zack's toys and the clothes in the closet, and then over my lunch hour I stumbled on this picture and it was too perfect not to share.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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So this weekend I will be organizing movies and trying to get everything out of my house and down to my friend's house for our garage sale next weekend. I'm hoping to find my office floor again by the end of August.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Laura said...

That lolcat picture nearly killed me from laughing so hard.

La La said...

Since I'm a new reader I have NO clue what's going on...but it sounds like good news, so congrats?

Your pic cracked me up though. Love it! ;)