Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Hair?

Zack wants to get a mohawk, not spiked, not colored... just cut. When we told certain people in our lives that we were going to let him do this (Jim, FOtB & I are all in agreement) their reaction was less than stellar.

I believe the exact words were that it was rude, disrespectful and was this just the beginning of something bigger. Would we let him do anything he wanted when he got older?

Our thoughts, he is three years old. It is just hair... it will grow back. Jim says he will not let him grow a pony tail or dye his hair purple and green (although I could personally care less) and he also says that in 10-12 years his answer on whether he can have a mohawk would be different.

My thoughts are that it is just hair. If he is 16 years old, getting straight A's, very respectful, never in trouble and he wants to dye his hair and spike it up a foot off of his head so be it. Jim's answer is different... I guess that we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now... we are talking about a three year old. His cousin C has a mohawk. Several kids in his swimming class have mohawks. Several kids at his daycare have mohawks. They are young kids and it's just a hair cut.

So... what are your thoughts. Is it just hair at this age or will us letting him get a mohawk now set a precedent that may very well lead him to a life of rebellion, crime and drugs?


MoMMY said...

Well, my boys now range in age from 10 - 15 and most of them (there are 4) had mohawks when they were younger. No rebellion, crime and drugs yet. But they're still young.

I'm kidding. I try to follow a path of controlled rebellion. Let them do things like mohawks and pierced ears (my 11 y/o has both ears pierced since he was 6). Also, I spent 3 hours in May bleaching and then dying my 11 y/o's hair blue. He is a musician after all. But really, they are good kids needing to express themselves. As long as they remove their hats at the table, keep their pants pulled up above their cracks and keep long hair clean, I could care less. And you are right, hair grows back.

electriclady said...

I agree it's just hair. He doesn't want it because it's a punk statement against THE MAN, BURN THE HOUSE DOWN, he just wants it because other kids have it and he thinks it's fun and cool. People should relax.

Jessica said...

I don’t think sporting a mohawk means anything but self expression and yes it’s just hair. However….if he wants it because all the other kids have it I wouldn’t define that as self expression.

I would want to encourage him to self express himself rather than following the crowd. I think following the crowd could lead to the fears some people have about mohawks…which really is just hair.

AND shame on Jim….What is the difference between ponytails and mohawks mister don’t judge a book by it’s cover? :)

Anonymous said...

Did fotb has a mohawk when he was little? Maybe THAT explains it!!!
In all seriousness pick your battles. If he was asking for a piercing or tattoo at 3, I'd be concerned. Mohawks are the 'in' thing right now, there's a lot of kids with them!
My only warning: my 2 neighbor boys sport hawks in the summer and are cut to normal 'do's for school. Their tan lines are ridiculous.
The 2-3 of you are his parents. You decide, not the rest of the world! My vote is for the Hawk!

kbreints said...

My boys have never asked for them, nor would they have the right hair for them either. I am not going to gel my child's hair every morning...

Your boy on the other hand has thick hair and it will stand up on its own.

Its your kid. Who cares what others think... and rude and disrespectful? How is a hair cut being those things?

AmyWaWa said...

I gave my 5 year old a mohawk for the summer and he's totally rocking it! Actually we've gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's just hair, who cares? Lots of respectable people have "normal" haircuts and have been reeking havoc on society for years, look at Blagojevich! LOL Anyway, it's your kid and if those of you who set the rules for him agree it's ok then everyone else's opinions don't really matter! :)

Yo-yo Mama said...

I have mixed feelings. Yes, he's only 3 and of course giving him a mohawk doesn't mean that he will become some kind of fiendish rebel, so where's the harm, right?

Technically, there is none, but I will admit that there's a certain negative perception I get when I see little boys with mohawks and/or earrings.

I'm just being honest, as you asked. Keep in mind, this comes from someone who let her son cover both arms and his chest with temporary tattoos.

Laura said...

I think it's great, and really cute in the photo you posted!

Anonymous said...

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