Friday, July 2, 2010

What a Difference...

I feel like something needs to be put in this space. Something honoring the tremendous fight my sister has put up this last year. But I'm not quite sure what it should be. It would be easy to come here and tell you where we were.

I wrote 116 posts last July, most of them while sitting in the ICU waiting room. I can still remember exactly where I was sitting when I text Jim to tell him that I was in the emergency room waiting on the ambulance to bring by baby sister to the hospital.

I remember walking around the parking lot with her husband praying more than I ever had in my whole life and all the while thinking, she can't die.... she just can't. It can't be her time.

I remember all too well the line I wrote on my blog, her blog, every email I sent to friends, and every Facebook message I sent to her friends:

If you pray, please do so now. If you don't... please start.

As I read back through those posts it is hard to believe that was ever her life. She was just home two weeks ago and to see her today, aside from a few gnarly scars (she really needs to think of a good story for those), you would never even know she had been in an accident.

God truly does work in wonderful and mysterious ways.

So I guess, what I really want to put up here is a message of hope, of strength and of love. Our hope, her strength and everyone's love, making it possible for us to spend this 4th of July celebrating not only the birth of our nation but the wonderful miracle we all got to witness last year.

I love ya sis!! I'm so glad you decided to stick around and put up with us all for a while longer!!

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kbreints said...

She Truly is an amazing story and sorce of strength for her family. God Answers all of our prayers. It was not her time.