Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I told you...

This weekend we were watching TV and an infomercial came on for a pen that is supposed to fix scratches on cars. This product... if you're interested....

As we were watching Zack turned to Jim and proclaimed with all seriousness that we NEEDED that product. That it was very important that we get it right away. (As a side note, he is four, we need EVERY product they sell on TV according to him....) Consequently, we just told him sure, whatever and moved on with our weekend.

Then last night, as I was pulling out of the parking lot I turned the corner too sharply and clipped a rock that they were using as landscaping. When we got to daycare today I remembered it and was on the passenger side of my car assessing the damage when Zack came up.

"What are you looking at?"

"I hit a rock last night and it scratched my car. See right there?"

"See!! I TOLD you we needed that thing from TV!! If we had that we could fix it!!"

It's a good thing my four year old knows everything, I would be lost without him.


Anonymous said...

They do know everything, and they also have to have every single gadget that they see on TV. Mea had a list a mile long of stuff she HAS to have from TV. :)

Funny boy!

kbreints said...

OH yes, but the most embarrassing thing that happens is when you are in Walmart and your 3 year old sees something that they sell on TV and starts yelling-- MOM! www.pillowpals.com! MOM! www.pillowpals.com!MOM! www.pillowpals.com! OVER AND OVER....