Thursday, April 26, 2007


Last night Jake's grandma was in town and so we went to see Jake at Broadlawns. While we were there he asked me to buy him something.

Since he has been committed Jake has asked me to buy him many things.




Pumpkin Seeds.




You get the point.

Last night Jake looked across the room and asked me if I could buy him an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) book.


It was the first thing I did when I got in this morning. In fact I bought him two (one full size and one pocket size) just for good measure.


kbreints said...

Wow! That is a big step - great news!

stella said...

Hallelujah! Maybe it is starting to sink in that he needs the tools to help him get better. I am certainly happy to hear this news.

Jessica said...

Okay...I have asked a dozen people at work one of which has a son in jail for drugs and no one knows what an NA book is.
So I call Heather and said...
"What the heck is an NA book?"
to which she replies,
she said it like I didn't know what the sky was or something.
"Because I don't have a drug addicted family member?!I have asked a dozen people around here what an NA book is and no one knows."
to which Heather replies "It's a Narcotics Anonymous book."

So now we all know what and NA book is. While I am glad Jake asked for one, I am also glad I didn't know what one was. Outside of Jake I have not had experience with alcholics or drug addicts.

kbreints said...


Would you have known what an "AA" book is?

Jessica said...

Yes we knew AA and we thought of that trying to come up with NA but none of us could think of what it was.

KK's Mom said...

I'd say that's progress!! I'm glad he is thinking of the future, Heather. What a bright spot. I truly admire your strength and committment to Jake and his recovery progress. Lucky, lucky Jake. : )

Jessica said...

Okay I really don't feel so bad now...I have continued to ask people and I even called Shane where he asked his six co-workers. Nobody knows! PHEW.....I thought I was having another "What color are your roots?" moment!

Tink said...

That's a great sign! Way to go progress!

Krista said...

Sounds like progress to me, I am happy for you Heather.

OMH said...

YEAH!!!!!! I found from my children that if they ask for a book they read it - If I buy them one and give it to them they don't. Yeah Jake asked so therefore he will read!!!!!!!