Friday, April 23, 2010

Casual Conversations

I have a post written.... in my head....

Which is a very fine place for a post to be, accept when it never makes it out of my head. Today it is raining and I'm tired. My after tax season crash has been the worst the last two days. Last night I did nothing.... no really... nothing. I convinced Zack to stay in with me and watch a movie and I sat on the couch until it was bedtime.

Then at 8:00 I messed around on the computer for a bit and by 8:45 I was in bed. Had Jim not called at 9:15 I probably would have been asleep. As it was, I'm pretty sure I was out by 10:00, if not before. And today, in the dreary rain, I just want to go back to bed.

So in lieu of actual content I will share with you the conversation that Jim and I had the other night about my birthday dinner. This is just a small sample of what life is like with us.

Oh goody... I get to dress up. U wearing that blue shirt from the wedding or is it too hot cuz it's long sleeved? I like that shirt... a lot.... I'm just sayin....

I can wear that shirt if you'd like. It's your night.

I like the shirt. I like you in the shirt. I'm not dressing you though. You can decide if you wear it. I'm just saying I wouldn't complain.

And in between the lines, I'm reading "yes, that's why I said that. You damn well better wear it, it's my birthday"

I laughed so hard when I got his final message I was worried I would wake up Zack. It is so nice to be with someone I can laugh with and be happy with.

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kbreints said...

:) It is a good thing he can read between the lines :)