Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting M

I have a secret to tell you.... I'm bad with alias's. And... I'm tired of M's. I keep forgetting to call him that and then I have to go back and edit and really, the reason he had an alias in the first place has long since passed. The man has told me he is going to marry me... I think he deserves a name and a permanent place on this blog.

So, without further ado... M's real name is... Jim.

And one year ago today, I met Jim for the first time on an Internet dating site. Imagine that, me doing something online. Who'd a thunk??

Our first communication was through a couple of eye contacts. On the site I was on you have to pay to be a member and send messages. If you don't pay all you can send are these corny eye contacts. Since I had just spent the better part of the last 13 years of my life paying for EVERYTHING, I had NO intention of joining the site. If a guy wanted to talk to me, he was going to pay to send me a message.

So, for the first few hours all that went back and forth between us were these messages:

My eye contact to him (yes... I made the first move... so to speak):

"Just sayin' Hi!"

His eye contact to me:

"I'd like to know more about you."
Mine back to him:

"Ooooh! Send me a message!"

And that... my dear friends is how it all started. It's a miracle we ever got together when that was what we had to work with. I have been thinking about today a lot in the last month, how I have now reached the point where I have been a full year thinking about someone other than Jake. A year and one month ago, I never thought that would be possible.

So today, I'm going to smile just a little more as I think about those cheesy eye contacts and the first beginnings of a relationship with a man who has truly changed my life.


kbreints said...

oh I love it. I cannot believe it has been a year. God, time is flying by. You are a great couple and I am SO glad that you decided to call him by his real name-- bc I hate reading with aliases. I am not smart enough. ;)

Jessica said...

The time has gone where you have no more memories of Jake from a year ago.

The time has come where you begin all sorts of memories of Jim from a year ago.

I can't wait until you share about your first date a year ago! :)