Thursday, January 27, 2011


There are people who are born to dance. Every motion they make is like fluid movement. When they begin to sway in time to the rhythm you can't help but be mesmerized by their talent.

Then there are some people who hate to dance. As soon as the music starts playing they find the furthest chair from the dance floor and plop themselves down in it. Any attempt to get them up, even for a slow song, will be met with huge objection.

Finally, there is a third group of people. Those people that LOVE to dance..... but shouldn't. Those people that as they are walking towards the dance floor, you cringe. They look somewhat like a pig, rolling around under a blanket. And usually, there is not really enough alcohol in the world for you to think they dance well. Unfortunately there is usually plenty for them to think they do.

And my Zack... well, he belongs in that last group. As soon as that music turns on he starts to groove.... His head starts to bob and his body starts to wiggle and all you can do is stare...

Is it too early to teach him how to mosh? Because that may be his only hope....


Kelly said...

Ahh, he's cute. And he's only four. He may find his groove thing.

Then again, if he doesn't, moshing doesn't take too much skill.

Jessica said...

Hip pumping/jiving...Oh Dear Spikeman!

Amanda said...

LOL! He dances like my 9-year-old. The poor dears. ;)