Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting the Planning...

I have been dragging my feet on our wedding planning something fierce. The first time around it seemed so much easier. The strange part is, I am WAY more excited about the actual marriage this time, and not nearly as excited about the "wedding."

The first time it was about the day. It all had to be perfect. Perfect dress, perfect place, perfect day, all the details had to fall into place. This time, I could marry the man in the middle of a corn field in cut off shorts and a tank top and be over the moon happy. This time I am marrying him for all the right reasons and the party, the actual day, just doesn't seem as important.

Finally on new year's weekend it dawned on me that perhaps I might want to nail down some small details, like... I don't know... the person to marry us. So I went to our pastor's Facebook page (yeah.. I know... welcome to the 21st century) to get his email address only to discover that his anniversary is the same day we are getting married. So I emailed him anyway, but was not surprised to get his response that him and his wife will be out of town that weekend.

So, plan two... Jim worked with a guy who was a pastor... he's asking him...

That weekend I also contacted some party rental people to see about renting tents, curtains to section off the space we are having it, etc. I emailed, they emailed, I emailed, they emailed... finally Jim made it in there yesterday to talk to them further and get the quote. It's a lot. At least for us. For the smallish type of ceremony we want to have.

And again, I'm back to differences. We were discussing this Thursday morning, who did we REALLY want there. Could we scale it back so we could fit into the place we are getting married and eliminate the need for the tents and curtains? Perhaps it was easier to spend the money the first time when it was not my money to spend but this time... I'm finding myself to be somewhat of a tightwad.

Our goal, make a decision on guest list and size by the middle of next week. So at least we have a goal... even if we do not have a decision.

Hey, at least we have a first dance song right? And it's on my iPod... we can just blast it out of the speakers in the pickup truck when we are standing in the middle of that corn field. :-)


kbreints said...

Hell-- I think that is a GREAT idea! It would make for some AWESOME pictures :)

Kelly said...

I planned our wedding around the possibility that I would win a cruise at work, which I did. I really just wanted to get married on the boat. My mom freaked out.

It's a good thing my younger sister got married the year before, because I pretty much just copied off of her, same church, same caterer, same venue for the reception, same cake person, etc.

I'm glad you found that right guy, you are right, the clothes, place and everything else matter so much less.

Jessica said...

If you are willing to get married in the middle of a corn field then why the need for curtians?

Who cares???

Especially if it's a fun celebration with great speeches from your wedding party! LoL