Friday, June 18, 2010

Say what?

What's wrong with your shirt?


Look right there.

Mommy, look, I have a hole in my shirt.

(Then he says in a volume that reminds people he is in fact my son, because I am nothing if not seriously volume challenged at times... )

Look Mr. Jim, you can stick your finger in the hole and touch my wood!

**blink, blink... crickets chirping**

Your what?

My wood. (He says while rubbing his arm....)

Skin Zackary. It is called skin. Trees have wood. People have skin.


I may have laughed hard enough to almost shoot pop out of my nose and I had tears streaming down my face.

Children..... making the world a funnier place one innocently inappropriate comment at a time.


Jessica said...

Tears streaming down your legs you mean? :)

kbreints said...

Oh yes. Sam thought it would be good to yell... mom! Look at my woody while in a packed store. Of course he was referring to the Toys Story character.