Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The remodel/redesign turned out better than I ever imagined. It is so nice to come home to. It is so relaxing and so great to have a space that feels safe and new. Jim is not an overly emotional guy but even he was left speechless and in awe.

I had so many people that helped me out with the changes that I'm uncertain where to even begin to thank them all. I sent out personal shout outs to all of them on Facebook and Jim sent some of them personal Facebook messages. Although I don't know what they said, I'm sure they were very nice.

This was my status and his comments on Sunday:

Just finished having our first family dinner in our newly redesigned dining room/toy room and now I'm relaxing in our newly redesigned living room!! We love it!! Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this project this week!! :-)

The pictures do no justice......what was done to this house in 6 short days was AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who lent a hand here. And sorry I couldn't help (I do actually feel bad), but Heather wouldn't tell me anything that was happening, let alone come help. Thanks again everyone, it's terrific!

And I'm apparently supposed to say Heather is the bestest person in the whole wide world.....but seriously, I'd be remisced if I didn't mention how overwhelmed I am that she would do all of this with me and us in mind. I'm truly left speechless, so I'll just say, and not because of this, she is the bestest person in the whole wide world. I can't imagine a better way to start building a future life together.

He says I was very close to crying when I read that last one. I don't doubt it. Again, he is not an overly emotional person and he has never been big on PDA's but to know that he loved it and he was willing to express that in such a public forum really made all the hard work worth it.

Except the falling down the stairs on Friday and the GIANT bruise on my hind end... I'm not sure that part was worth it. :-)


Amanda said...

I am so happy to see everything in this post. (Well, minus the bruised hiney, but you know!) To have seen you come around full circle from where you were when I first found the other blog is so awesome. I am so happy for you. :)

You all did a fabulous job on the house! All the rooms look great--and I am in LOVE with the color of the living room walls.

kbreints said...

I almost cried when I read that you almost cried... I am such a sap! And I am sorry, I then laughed about your hind end. ;)

Jennifer B said...

Awwww....where did you find this guy?? And, seriously, I mean how much did you deserve this? And kudos to you for doing all the hard work mentally to get youreself to the place where you could receive the love of a man like this!

AmyWaWa said...

Your house really does look awesome, Heather! I love the colours and how cool is it that Mr. Jim's pictures look so nice with the things you already had. Even your decor blends nicely! I bet you feel like you live in a whole new house...literally!