Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Talks

6:50 am - He has been awake maybe 2 minutes

Mommy, where is Mr. Jim.

He's at his house remember, he doesn't live here.

Whhhhyyyyy?? (you have to get the whine in there along with the pouty lip)

Because he still lives at his house.

When did he go back there? (i.e.... did he leave this morning and not say goodbye to me)

He didn't go back hunny. He never came back here last night. He went to his house after work.

Whhhyyyyy?? (At this point I'm pretty sure that he's going to cry so I go over and sit next to him and he climbs in my lap.)

Zack, he will move in in a few weeks ok. Just not right now.

When he gives you your ring back?

Gives it back? Hunny, he has to give it to me. Not give it back.


It's like a present. When you have something and I take it from you then I give it back. I never had this. So he's going to give it to me... like a present.

(Suddenly it clicks and he gets a big smile on his face.) So he can live here when he gives you your ring?

Apparently Zack does not get the concept of the house remodel. (Pictures tomorrow... I promise) I'm getting the feeling that he thought once Jim saw it he would be moving in ASAP.

Note to Mr. Jim.... perhaps you should start packing before you give me that ring.... I can only buy you so much time. :-)