Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WW: Making My House Our Home

The Living Room




Jessica said...

I have had many people ask me to help them decorate their homes and although I am not for hire (exclusive only to Heather as I am sure she is thee only one who can put up with my anally high demands) I will pass on a few tips I have learned and believe in.

1. Decorate your room/home with pieces you LOVE; “it will do” or “this would work” isn’t good enough. Spend the money, take the time, find perfect pieces that you LOVE. Everywhere I went with Heather I asked her “Do you LOVE it?” and if she didn’t tell me with dreamy eye’s that she LOVED it we kept looking.

2. LOWER YOUR ARTWORK. I was once a casualty in this epidemic but now I have learned. Your artwork should not be 1-4 feet above your couch. Like in Heathers room we put her artwork which filled the wall right above her couch. It’s amazing how much more you are able to enjoy it in doing so as well as eliminating that visual break when your eye’s move from couch, to wall, to art. Not very flow-full now is it?

3. YOUR FURNITURE OR DÉCOR DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CENTERED! Take a photo for instance; if the subject is off centered it makes for a much more visually appealing appearance. Center some things, off center others, keep it functional, make it appealing; it doesn’t need to be centered.

4. DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER. Heather will tell you that is by far my motto.

I love feeling the story a home tells by merely walking into it.

I think Heather’s home tells a story of: NEW beginnings, WONDERFUL memories ahead, Relaxation, a SAFE haven both emotional and mentally, with much love and laughter to come. It’s an honest space filled with things she loves. Such a wonderful place to be!

julie @ the calm before the stork said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

edenland said...

Wow. WOW. Heather it looks absolutely stunning - I am loving Jessica's tips too! Especially about the artwork not being a foot above the couch, what a great idea.

Thanks for the tour.

It looks like the climb out of your small ring box is going VERY well XO

Yo-yo Mama said...

Suddenly craving chocolate....


Pundelina said...

What a great do-over that is - the room looks really lovely!

MrsSpock said...

Your room has me craving chocolate as well! It looks so peaceful and serene!