Thursday, September 15, 2011

A what?

On Tuesday night we had to work on a "homework" assignment for Zack. They are reading the book The Kissing Hand, which is about a baby raccoon who is nervous about leaving his mom to go to his first day of school.

So, each child drew their hand print and then told the teacher the things they loved about their parents and she wrote it on the palm of their hand print. Each parent was to do the same and then decorate the hand however they wanted and send it back to school.

This morning I saw Zack's hand. Apparently he just picked me to write about and this is what it said:

I love to twirl my mom's hair. I love it when she scratches my back. I like it when she takes me to the park. I hope I can have a baby sister sometime.

A what? Huh? He has been asking us about having a sister for several months now and we keep telling him maybe some day. But what if it is a boy?

I am not having a brother. I am having a sister. Maybe a sister and THEN a brother but a sister first.

So apparently, it is not just us he is now telling about this. I guess I know what he is asking Santa for this year.

Do you think he will ask me to send it back if we end up having a baby at some point and it is a boy?


kbreints said...

DARLING. I love that he wants a sister.

KimN said...

Cute! Gabe only wanted sisters too. Luckily he got what he wanted.

I hope Zack gets his sister too.

OHN said...

If he ends up with a brother by "mistake", maybe a girl puppy would help :-)

Anonymous said...

Mea is constantly asking for a baby sister. Usually in the most awkward of places. Especially for some reason in the car.

MoMMY said...

My oldest asked for a sister all three times. Unfortunately, he never got one. Now at almost 17 he's glad he has all brothers. It seemed the excitement of the birth and the presents the baby brought for him were enough to bring him around.