Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry to disappear on you like that. I know what you're thinking, she moves the blog, posts for a bit and then runs away again. It's not that, really. One of the children in my son's daycare class or possibly one of the many people that I bumped into in the cesspool of germs that we call black Friday shopping gave me a cold. And now... my head is all fuzzy.

Last night was the first time all week I was semi conscious after 8:00 and it was spent paying bills because let's face it, I love you all but a girl has to pay the house payment.

So here I am, once again trying to play catchup. I'm going to put up 4 - 6 posts and schedule them for today, tomorrow and this weekend. (Because really, you don't want to read them all at once, I don't claim for even one moment to be that interesting.)

Oh, and as a quick side note, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to e-mail me or leave me comments and follow me over here. It means a lot to me. I spent a good period of time debating on moving the blog because I wasn't sure who would come with me. Also, it was wonderful to hear the stories of how some of you found me and why you keep coming back. Hopefully I won't disappoint....

Well, let the writing begin.

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