Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost Cause

A week ago Sunday I went to try to find a pair of underwear for Zack only to discover that the poor child had no underwear. Not like an old ratty pair that I could put him in, no... none. Zero, zip, zilch.

In my defense, I had just had surgery a little over a week previously and was unsure I could carry the laundry basket up the stairs so I had been waiting. However, I guess I didn't realize the dire straights we were in. So, that's easy. I own a washing machine and a dryer, I would just do a few loads.

I would send Zack to bed commando (which he totally thought was the coolest thing ever) and set about washing the clothes. The first thing on my list was the bathroom rugs. Oh, did I forget to mention the whole reason the underwear situation was discovered in the first place was that while using the potty, he missed. Dousing the rugs, his clothes and his legs. Isn't having little boys fun?

So, the rugs had been washing while we were eating dinner. After dinner I put Zack in the bath and then before I took him upstairs I decided to switch the laundry. To give you a visual, my three year old is standing in our kitchen in nothing but a towel and I am switching laundry.

I went to turn the knob to set the time it came off in my hand. Like so....
No big deal I figured, three year old still buck naked in the kitchen, I will just get a pair of pliers and turn the nob. So I do, I get my pliers and I set about turning and then I try to pull. I turn and I pull and I turn and I pull and nothing happens. The dryer will NOT turn on.

At this point I'm panicking a bit. Zack has shed his towel and is now running around buck naked and I call my mom. What do I do? I'm turning the knob and pulling but the dryer won't turn on. Is there a trick? She tells me she doesn't know but that if I wash a pair of his underwear they will surely be dry by morning so at least there is that.

So I hang up with her and continue with the turning and the panicking. I text M. FML... Ugg... give him the reader's digest version of what is happening all the while still turning the knob with my handy pliers and trying to pull out to turn the dryer on. Nothing. I check the knob for little hidden switches, I consider super gluing the plastic back together so the knob will work, I hold it up to the dryer to make sure I'm turning the knob to the correct position all of it to no avail.

By this point it has been a good 20 minutes. Zack is, of course, loving his opportunity to pretend to be part of a nudist colony and also the extra time to stay up past bed time. I, on the other hand am still panicking when I stop, take a deep breath and step back from the dryer.

It is at this point that it dawns on me....
No amount of pulling on that knob is ever going to get my dryer to turn on, but turning the button that says turn to start might just do the trick.

Ummm... yeah... can we say blond moment. So come on, spill, I can't be the only one who has done something really stupid like this. What is your uhh... duh moment?


kbreints said...

SO EFFING FUNNY!!!!! I know I have these... I will have to think on that and get back to ya!

Anonymous said...

I recently plugged in my vacuum in a counter high plug next to a light switch. I finished vacuuming, and tried repeatedly to turn off the vacuum with the light switch,,,,,,all of which was enhanced by my husband quietly watching me from across the living room. Oh dear.

Aunt Becky said...

I laugh in empathy, dear, because I would do the SAME thing. Except I would have broken the thing.