Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning as I was dropping off Zack I gave his daycare teacher permission to pop him in the mouth and I fully, 100% meant it.

How did I get here? Who is this child that has been at my house for two days and where did my sweet little boy go?

As you may be figuring out.... Zack spent two days with his dad and his Grandma and this... this is the aftermath. He is rude, he acts up, he blows raspberries in your face, he sticks his tongue out and he laughs at you.

I can deal with a lot of behaviors from him but blatant disrespect is not one of them. If he's in trouble and I'm trying to talk to him and instead of listening he laughs or sticks his tongue out at me my cup runneth over....

Last night we were out at the furniture store. I needed to get the last piece for my bedroom set. (I'm redoing my house a bit to "make room" for Jim... I'll post on it later)

I never in my life wanted to sell him to the gypsies more. He was not awful in the traditional sense. He wasn't crying or whining or throwing a fit. He was just bouncing. Jumping and laughing and causing a scene and he wanted NO part of stopping. My foot connected with his hind end on more than one occasion and it only stopped him for about 30 seconds before he was doing it again.

If I wouldn't have actually been purchasing something I would have said screw it and taken him home but as it was I was in the middle of purchasing the chest when he started to act up. As soon as we were done I took him straight home and he went to bed.

I am hoping that he will be better today. I am hoping that next time he spends two days there the recovery period will only be one day instead of two. I am hoping that perhaps we can get to a point where it is only an hour or so. I am hoping this because if not my son might have a permanent career with the gypsie people.....


Jennifer Brooks said...

I have definitely seen this with my kids when they come back from extended periods of time with their Dad - part of it is they just need to test the boundaries to see if they are the same as they were before - this can be addressed with consistency - so he can be secure that your rules are always the same. The other reason I think some of it happens is because kids pick up on the disrespect that your ex has for you and mirror this. By being firm but loving that it is not okay to disrespect Mommy - and by never disrespecting the child's father yourself - they will get the message that acting respectful is a core value of yours. You are doing great and it will take some time to figure out how to handle these episodes. I find it helpful to immediately spend 15 minutes reading to my kids/reconnecting with my kids after I get home from picking them up.

kbreints said...

kids will be kids sometimes... even without a visit somewhere else... so compound that with his weekend I am sure it was a difficult transition. I am sure that you will find a way to bridge the gap... you are an awesome mom... he is a great kid. It will all work out.

Jessica said...

Were your shoes steel toe? I have heard that makes a difference!