Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my little sister's birthday.
Ten months ago I took for granted that I had a little sister. I mean sure, I knew she was there but she had always been there. She would always be there when I got around to calling her right?

Life is so short and I am SOO glad that God wasn't finished with her yet.

Over the last ten months I have seen the strongest person I can ever imagine emerge from this. I always knew she was strong but I have seen even more of it in the last year.

So today, little sister, we celebrate the day of your birth! We are all so happy to have you in our lives!! You ROCK!!
Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!! :-)


Jessica said...

She does ROCK and we are all glad she fought so hard!

Happiest Birthday "Inny"!

kbreints said...

I agree!! happy birthday to Lindsay!

anymommy said...

An incredible story. Happy Birthday to your awesome sister!

edenland said...

Your sister is beautiful ... you both are!! And your guys shoe size made me LAUGH, goodness! XOX