Thursday, May 6, 2010

Country Living

Things here are still crazy. Once tax season was over the grass... it started to grow. So now, instead of working at night, I seem to be mowing. Uggg.... does it ever end? I was just telling Jim last night I need a yard boy. I just want to come home and have it be mowed and weed eated and know I didn't have to do it... oh like EVER!! Sometimes I hate the grown up part of my life.

It's funny, last night I was complaining about the mowing and how I wish I could move somewhere with a smaller yard and this morning I woke up and this guy was in my driveway:

He was on top of the garage by the time I got my camera. Then as we went to leave the cows were mooing in the pasture and all I could think was as much as I hate the work... I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Guess we are just destined to be country folk.

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kbreints said...

Oh that last picture is DARLING! I will actually MISS Mowing my lawn when we are moved :(