Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Classroom

Yesterday Zack moved up to the official preschool room at his daycare. We have been having some problems with him acting out at daycare and I think part of it is because he is bored, so I think this moves comes at a good time. Even though it makes me a bit sad that my baby is getting older.

When I picked him up yesterday and dropped him off this morning both of his teachers told me how well behaved he was yesterday. All I could do is cross my fingers and hope he keeps it up.

When he first got in the car I asked him what he did and his answer was "I don't know." So I asked him if he went outside and that really got him talking.


I got to go on the big playground. You know the one with the yellow slide. The yellow slide is the hugest.

Mommy do I get to be in my new room for a long time? Like 5 weeks?

Mommy when I go to sleep and wake up from my nap are you going to remember where my new room is?


I think he likes it. What do you think?

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kbreints said...

that is great! I think that he was way past ready for that change!