Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clothing Conundrum

Zack is growing.

This should probably not surprise me as I have been told this is what children do. Much to my dismay. However, this particular growth spurt seems to have caught me a little off guard and is threatening to leave my wallet a little thinner.

Last week I got a text from my mother. It was a picture of Zack sitting at the table and it simply said, Ear of corn, two helpings of Mac & Cheese, Hot dog & two rice krispies. Do you see the problem here? Do they give second mortgages for grocery bills and clothing allowances?

On Saturday I had to take him to get new shoes. You see, my three year old has now moved into size 11 shoes.

No that is not a misprint. Yes I know it is possible your five or six year old is in size 11 shoes.

When I was buying him new shoes I also decided to buy him new socks. I went to the little boys section and picked out the socks that were for size 9 - 2 1/2 shoes. Then I looked at them, looked at him and looked at the socks again. These socks couldn't POSSIBLY fit my child. These socks are huge. So I did what you are really not supposed to do and that is I took one out of the package right there in Target and tried it on him.

(The top one is his old sock, the bottom one.... the new sock... now in larger size....)

I may have teared up right there in the sock isle when I realized that it did, in fact fit my child... this gigantic size child I seem to be raising. Zack is now 42 inches tall and weighs 41 lbs. Where in the world did my baby go??

This week I have also been working on moving him to size 4T clothes. He probably should have been in 4T a few months ago but it was tax season and I was busy. If he continues to eat and grow like this he may be in 5T before winter.

As I pulled out the totes of 4T clothes (I accumulate these things through garage sales and clearance racks) I realized that while I have 3 totes of 4T clothing I only have three pairs of pants and no shorts. How is that possible?

As I was pondering this to myself I walked through my kitchen and there on the chair sat a pair of his 3T pants with a giant hole in the knee. Apparently that is how it is possible. So, this weekend Jim and I (I told you he is a very brave man) will be making a trek to the outlet mall to try to acquire some clothing for the lower half of this child.

Which should last him... well.... at least two months. At which point I may have to start all over.


electriclady said...

OMG he's huge! ;) BG is only a few months younger and is still less than 30 lbs.

I always find when I pull out the "future" clothes that I have no/few pants. It's so much easier to buy ahead with tops because it doesn't matter if they don't fit exactly, but pants/shorts you really almost have to buy them right when they're going to wear them.

KimN said...

He is huge! Gabe is five and only 38 pounds and 38 inches and only wears a size 9 shoe!. I know we don't have any 3T or 4T pants that made it after Gabe. Every pair had holes in the knees by the end of winter. I remember last winter when he was in 4T's I was down to just 2 pairs of pants in April and praying for warm weather so I didn't have to buy more.

Krista said...

Caden is pretty tiny, he will be 3 on May 31 but he is only 36/37 inches and 34 lbs. He is however wearing a size 10 shoe! Both his winter boots (which I had to buy in February because his other ones had gotten so small his feet were getting very cold) and his new spring/summer sneakers and now his sandals are all size 10. When I first bought the boots I convinced myself that they were a very small make. After all he started the late summer and early fall in a size 7! But then I bought the sneaker, and then the sandals... nope, he is a definite size 10... the boy has got some big feet.